Some Sources of Equipment and Supplies

The SMILE, SMILE+ and ISPP groups have developed a source list for hands on classroom materials and supplies which are inexpensive and useful. Since this list was developed by Chicago area groups, most of the sources are in the Chicago area. This list is by no means complete and readers are urged to send their favorite sources to either this address ( or Dr. Porter Johnson at the address listed on the home page.

Brief advice about the configuration needed for a computer for classroom administration (grading, test writing, etc.) outside of the classroom is provided through a computer configuration table. Note that this table was first developed in the fall of 1994 and updated in the summer of 1997 but still may be somewhat out of date due to the rapid changes in the computer industry but it will give the reader some idea as to what you might need at home to run two of the programs that each of these groups was provided. The two shareware programs we provide are available through many sources. The first is GRADE GUIDE (Ver 2.5 from Jon Kane, 2814 Regent St. Madison, Wisconsin 53705) which is a gradebook type of program. All of our teachers are strongly encouraged to keep their records on some type of computerized spreadsheet/data base. The second is PC-Write (Ver 2.71), a word processor. Again, the participants are encouraged to use some type of word processor to produce and save their materials. There are also several places which have inexpensive used computer hardware. One of the best in the Chicago area is the Chicago Computer Exchange.

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