Photos of some of the summer 1997 SMILE activities

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Three SMILE participants practicing for Halloween

To see how they did this, go to the flying machine instructions.

The Physics group enjoying a hands-on lesson in sound and wave motion during the summer of 1997.

Individual investigation of livings things at the cellular level is an active lesson in Biology during the summer of 1997.

Teachers experiencing a lesson in rotational dynamics and investigating what happens when you try to move a large gyroscope (bicycle wheel).

Learning about what it takes to make a bulb light, how to make an electric motor from a battery, magnet and wire and the differences between static and dynamic electrical charge - ALWAYS starting with the phenomena.

The Computer Experience

Starting from "where you are at", teachers expand their expertise in using computers for writing and record-keeping and more. These teachers are writing up their mini-teach lessons so that they may be published in the SMILE book or out on the internet from our home page.

The Shop Experience

Teachers learn to make their own apparatus for their mini-teaches and to take back to their own classroom during the Summer. The shop is also available during the bi-weekly academic year classes.

The summer 1997 Math group in the shop. busy making hands-on apparatus to help their students learn Mathematical concepts.

Everyone in the Physics group made a 'Jensen Bar', used to lead students to an understanding of levers, torques and balances.

A listing of shop projects, materials and rules
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