Photos of some of the 1999 SMILE activities

NOTE: As with any image intensive file, these photos take a while to load.

Teachers role-play as students for a colleague's mini-teach lesson on modeling with Play Dough.

Sharpening computer skills for grade-keeping, writing and accessing the internet with all of its resources.

Soda straws and paper clips are being used to construct a tower to hold the greatest weight.

Blowing on the vanes 'puts the bird in the cage' showing persistence of vision.

The Shop Experience
Participants are building a 'Tower of Hanoi' puzzle while learning to use the shop tools.

Teachers learn to make their own apparatus for their mini-teaches and to take back to their own classroom during the Summer. The shop is also available during the bi-weekly academic year classes.

Experimenting to find a circuit that lights the bulb.

Finding classroom ways to study plant life.

Exploring the factors that affect the altitude of rockets made from 2 liter soda bottles.

Last update Saturday, November 17, 1999

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