An Introduction To Sets

Belton, John P. Jones Metro. H. S.


The student(s) will recognize the symbol for set and will demonstrate
the rules of set.

Materials Needed:

A random sample of materials, some of which have a common factor
(color, shape, type of material, weight - mass, or other physical

Procedure: The teacher (or students) will provide individual items. The student is asked to list the characteristics, or properties of the object. He (or she) is then asked to compare his list with a fellow student's list to make a master list. This step may be repeated more than once depending on the size of the class, and the comprehension of the student(s) regarding the categorizing, or classification process. The teacher may ask for a volunteer to put his list on the board for purposes of comparison, and illustration. The teacher will then introduce the term and notation for set, and will establish the rules for inclusion or exclusion from a particular set. Following a demonstration, new materials (or objects) will be introduced and used by the student to test his (or her) understanding. Abstract symbols are now introduced with further demonstration and testing by teacher and student.
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