Graphing Equations From Software

Webb, James Harlan H.S.

Objectives: 1) TO REINFORCE PREVIOUSLY LEARNED EQUATION GRAPHING SKILLS. 2) TO DEVELOP NEW STRATEGIES --OTHER THAN MEMORIZING EQUATIONS--FOR EQUATION GRAPHING. Apparatus Needed: 1) AN IBM-PC OR COMPATIBLE COMPUTER, 2) AN OVERHEAD PROJECTOR, 3) A VISUAL APPARATUS FOR PROJECTING THE COMPUTER'S CRT IMAGE THROUGH THE OVERHEAD TO THE SCREEN, 4) THE SOFTWARE 'GREEN GLOBS'. Recommended Strategies: Students should observe the demonstration of 'Green Globs' by the teacher as he/she takes them through each segment of the software. They should be encouraged to plot their own equations using 'Equation Plotter' and watch the graph pattern change as they discover what happens if they multiply the equation by two, three or 'n'; or what happens if they add, subtract or divide the equation by some number. The students should separate into small groups to develop their skills with 'Linear Graphing.' They should be encouraged to look at the answer when they are stuck rather than resort to memorized formulas. The idea is to develop their own new strategies in determining line equations. The students should be encouraged to improve their scores when playing the games 'Green Globs' and 'Tracker.' The games should be self- motivating. The student's proficiency with graphs should improve radically as their game improves.
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