Measurement (cup, pt, qt, gal)

JoAnn Campbell Leslie Lewis School
1431 N. Leamington
Chicago, IL 60651


Fifth grade students will be able to rename measurements with cups, pints,
quarts, and gallons and to choose appropriate units of capacity.

Materials needed:

Materials needed are per group.
Two 8-oz cups Two 1-pt cartons
Four 1-qt containers One 1-gal jug filled with water

Optional: funnel for easy pouring


Divide the class into small groups and provide them with a lab sheet like the
one below. Have each group fill out a lab sheet.

Capacity Lab Sheet

1. Pour 4 quarts from the gallon.
Q. How many quarts make a gallon?

2. Pour 1 quart into the pint containers.
Q. How many pints make a quart?

3. Pour 1 pint into the cups.
Q. How many cups make a pint?

Additional questions:

How many cups are there in 1 quart?
How many pints are there in 1 gallon?
How many cups are there in 4 pints?

*NOTE: To rename larger units with smaller units, you can multiply.

To rename smaller units with larger units, you can divide.

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