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Objective(s): Grade level: 5th through 8th - The students will be able to estimate numbers of objects by sampling. - The students will be able to contrast and compare sampling with guessing. Materials Needed: bag of Baby lima beans box of Creamettes Marcaroni 4 oz. containers with lids plastic (Clear) 12-inch trays color markers and crayola chalk 12-inch rulers 36-inch poster 1 overhead Projector pre-labeled broken-line graphing paper with transparencies Strategy: Have the students: . divide class into groups of four . guess a full container of Baby Lima Beans & Macaroni . select dual roles: estimator, recorder, checker, and reporter/Grapher . record the number of guesses on data sheet and broken-line graph . use one scoop, marker, ruler, 4 oz full container with lid, and tray . take one scoop for estimate from 4 oz container of Baby Lima Beans & Marcaroni . estimate count for full container . check the number Baby Lima Beans & Marcaroni count . report the result of guesses and sampling to the class . use the transparency sheet for broken-line graph on the overhead projector . discuss the high and low points of guesses, sample, and estimate count on the graph to the class Conclusions: Students will learn to: - estimate by taking a sample - make a broken-line graph to analyze data - improve cooperative learning skills by role playing
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