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1. To read temperature on a Celsius thermometer

2. To read and interpret bar graphs

Materials Needed:

1. Celsius thermometers
2. art papers
3. pencils
4. scissors
5. seasonal clothing
6. cups
7. large container of ice
8. large container of hot water


Students will do a quick review on counting numbers by twos, and ordering
numbers from least to greatest.

Instructor will lead a discussion on weather conditions for each season.
Have the class make a list of words that describe these seasonal conditions.
Examples include hot, cold, icy, mild, scorching, cool, chilly and so on.

Display the thermometer. Move the indicator to show room temperature.
(20oC), a winter day (0oC).

Explain that a thermometer is similar to a vertical number line.
Show that each mark on the thermometer stands for 2 degrees or counting by twos.

Point out different temperatures for each season. Summer 30oC,
Fall 12oC, Winter 4oC, and Spring 24oC.

Have each group draw pictures of clothing they would wear if
temperature were 35oC, 14oC, and 22oC.

Review reading temperatures using the Celsius thermometer. Discuss week's

Make a bar graph using the given temperatures for the past week.

Homework: collect the daily temperature reports from the newspaper
or television.

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