Interior Design

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This lesson is designed for intermediate grades 4-6. The students will be able
calculate area and perimeter in inches.

Materials Needed:

* 4 Cardboard Walls (approximate size 36X50)

* Scissors

* Glue or glue sticks

* Wall paper or wrapping paper

* Measuring utensils (measuring tape, ruler, yard stick)

* Writing Utensil (pen/pencil)

* Play money


The teacher will supply 4 walls of identical sizes from a large cardboard box
which will represent each direction, (North, South, East and West). The walls
will have a minimum of 1 opening with a geometric shape to show a window, door,
clothes hook, wall vent, enclosed bookcase, etc. The students will be divided
into 4 groups and instructed to cover their wall. Each group will be given $50
and the materials needed to complete their wall.

A store will be set up where the students can purchase wall paper. The
students must determine the amount needed and compute tax on their purchase.
The students will determine the best buy via purchasing paper from pre-cut
rolls or by the foot.

The students will calculate the area to be covered by finding the total area
of the wall in inches and subtracting the area of the opening. Using the $50,
each group will purchase wall paper based on their calculations. After
purchasing the paper, the students will transfer the wall measurements to the
paper, cut, and cover the wall. (The student will problem solve when
determining the best way to cover the wall with the paper allowing for the
doors, windows, etc).

Each group will also be asked to determine the amount of border needed to cover
the top of the room. (They will multiply the width of their wall by 4). All
completed walls will be put together (matching directions) and wall border
will be applied in a continual piece based on the amount computed by the

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