Shapes (Geometric)

Violet M. Nash Spencer Math and Science Academy
214 North Lavergne
Chicago IL 60644
(312) 534-6150


The student will be able to identify geometric shapes using colors and math
problems. Designed for second grade.

Materials Needed:

Magic Marker (black or navy)
Neon Construction Paper (five colors)
Index Cards
Magnetic Tape
Name and Diagram of eight geometric shapes:


Cut out each of the above shapes in five different colors (40 shapes).
Cut one extra set of shapes with the proper name that correctly identifies that
shape and use for demonstration.
Write primary math problems (using four operations) on index cards, select four
exact answers per problem, and tape a card to back side of neon paper.
Using magnetic tape, scatter 40 designs and attach to magnetic board.
Divide class into two equal teams, one captain per team, and designate playing
area for each team.
Place demonstration shapes beside (for reference) scattered shapes.


Alternate one player from each team to call the color and shape (e.g. yellow
hexagon and blue pentagon) and the captain of that player's team will turn the
cards over to show math problems. Player must state the problems and the
answers. If the answers are a match (e.g. 5+5=10 and 20-10=10), that player
continues to play until no match is made. As the first player moves to the end
of their team's line, play begins with the next person in line on the opposite
team. Points may be assigned by giving a number value for every match
obtained. The team with the highest number of matches or the most points is the

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