How Much is a Million?

Sharon Simmons Joseph Stockton Elementary
4420 North Beacon
Chicago IL 60640
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This lesson is designed for Grades 7-8. Students will estimate how much a
million of something weighs.

Materials Needed:

Five boxes of cereal (box of cereal with total weight removed), calculators,
scale, and measuring cups.


*Write information on board: Cap'N Crunch cereal has been contracted to deliver
a million pieces of cereal to the Olympic Village. Your job is to determine
how many boxes of Cap'N Crunch equals a million, how much it will weigh and
how much it will cost to send the boxes to the Olympic Village.
*Write on board the cost of shipping per ounce or gram.
*Divide the students into groups of four.
*Distribute a box of cereal, calculator and measuring cup to each group.
*Place scales on table.
*Each group adds data to chart on board.
*Formula: Determine the total weight of the cereal.
*Weigh and count a small portion of the cereal.
*Multiply the # of pieces by the total weight in the box.
*Divide one million by the # of pieces. This will give the # of boxes.
*Multiply the weight of one box by the total number of boxes.
*Multiply the total number of boxes by the shipping costs.

Performance Assessment:

The students should be able to determine the answer by using skills that were
previously taught: estimation and measurement.

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