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Perform basic computations using the operation multiplication.
Use the operation to evaluate expressions involving whole numbers
and decimals.

Materials Needed:

Electronic Scale - Measurement of grams and ounces
6-8 Manipulatives of different weights - ex. small foam circles, rubber bands,
paper clips, dimes, beans, small craft beads.
Charts to enter weights


We began by reviewing some multiplication facts. We defined factors,
products, multiplying by one and two digit factors. A basic review of
multiplication of decimals would be helpful to the students. We began by
writing the weights of one of each of the manipulatives to be weighed. For
example 1 rubber band weighs 0.7 grams. The student will be given a list of
numbers to then multiply and calculate the different weights. For example: what
is the weight of 6 rubber bands 10,17, 51 etc. The student would then weigh the
number of rubber bands on the electronic scale to see if their calculations were
correct. The weight of 27 rubber bands multiplied out manually would be 27 times
0.7 =18.9. The weight of 27 rubber bands on the electronic scale is 18.8.
There will always be some difference in the weights, the bands are not exactly

Performance Assessment:

Evaluation would consist of comparing the results of the manual multiplication
to the weights from the electronic scale. This would be the case for each of
the manipulatives. If the students multiplication is correct the comparisons
should be close.


The items being weighed are in grams and ounces. It is advised that a number of
the items be weighed together and divided by that number to get an accurate
account of the weight of one item.

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