LIST OF URL's for General Interest in Science
Prepared by Porter Johnson and/or Roy Coleman
revised: 9/26/2017

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World Wide Web Addresses
Table of Contents
I. History
VI. Professional Societies
II. Interactive Science & Math Sites
VII. Research Laboratories
III. Media, News, Sports Trivia, Weather
VIII. Vendors
IV. Museums
IX. General Interest Sites
V. Organizations
X. Other Interesting Sites

I. History

Biographies of Chemists (by subject area):

Biographies of Composers:

Biographies of Mathematicians:
Female Mathematicians:

Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics:


    Einstein Online:
    AIP Einstein Exhibit:

The Electron's Discovery:

Famous curves

History of Radiation Protection:

Images of Physicists:

Mathematics History Topics:

The Shroud of Turin:

The World Year of Physics:

II. Interactive Science & Math Sites


     Anatomy of the Heart:
     Atlas of Human Anatomy:
     Gray's Anatomy Text:
     Human Anatomy:

Best of the Web Biology:

Bill Nye the Science Guy:

The Biology Project:

Bizarre stuff you can make in the Kitchen:

Calenders of all sorts:

Chemistry for Kids:

Chemistry Guide web links:


The Circulatory system:   

Cramster Homework Helper:

Dr. Universe (science question and answer exchange):

On line calculators of all sorts:

Education Atlas:

The Elements:

Elements Data Base:

The Elements Quiz:

Fermilab Science Education Office:

Flower Anatomy for Kids:

Fractals (an index):

Free Chemical Search:

Free Math Games:

Frog Dissection:

    Virtual Frog:
    Interactive Frog dissection:


Illustrated Fractions:

INKids Education Ipad Apps:

Insect Encyclopedia:

Interactive Physics:

A Kids Guide to How the Brain Works:

Math and Reading Help for Kids:

Mathematics Dictionary and Glossary:

Mathematics Enrichment:

Math Games:

Mathematics Practice Problems:

Math Resources:

Math Worksheets:

Metric Conversions:

Name the Elements Quiz:

The New Scientist (British Science Magazine - search for 'lastword') [Q&A]:

Online Math Center:

PedagoNet - Learning Resources:

Physics Thinking Problems (activity based):
Physlet/Applet Sites:

    An introduction to Physlets from Western Illinois University:
    From Michigan State University:
    From Sir Wilfred Grenfell College:
    From Boston University:
    From Mainland High School:
    From Cabrillo College:
    From Coastal Carolina University:
    From High Point University:
    From Walter Fendt:
    From Northwestern's Virtual Physics Laboratory:
    Minds on Physics Simulations:
    Astronomy Physlets from Gustavus Adolphus College:
    Astronomy Physlets from Green River Community College:

Powers of 10:

Printable Periodic Tables:

Puzzle maker:

Quadratic Equations for all:

Recreational Math & Physics:

Science-Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement [SMILE]:

SciTech Interactive Science Center:

Sky Maps:

Teaching Resources:

Teach Engineering Hands On Resources:
Florida Teacher Resources for K-12:


Window to the Universe:

The following list is compliments of Compaq Computers and Sun Microsystems.

K-12 Math

    Funbrain math baseball:
    The Math Projects Journal:
    Lessons to meet NCTM Standards:
    Math archives of software, lessons and teaching materials:

Higher Level Math

    Animated graphics applicable to Calculus:
    Math tutorial and unsolved problems:
    Finite Mathematics and Calculus:
    Calculus references:
    Calculus texts, projects and modules:

Biological and Physical Sciences

    Neuroscience for kids:
    Open forum, lab and classroom exercises:
    The Biology Project:
    Children's chemistry site:
    Kids Guide to the Circulatory System:
    Howard Hughes Medical Kool Kids Science Site:
    Berkeley Lab's Advanced Light Source:
    Technical Periodic Table:
    Franklin Institute Science Museum's heart:

Earth/Space Science

    Explore Science Learning Network:
    Space images:
    Windows to the Universe:
    Endangered Species:
    Botany adventure for grades 4 and 5:
    The Planet Earth:
    Amazing Space:
    University of California at Berkeley's Museum of Paleontology:
    Biomes, plate tectonics, geologic time and dinosaurs:
    CNN's Sci-Tech space page:
    USGS Learning site:
    National Space Society resource links page:
    Marine Ecology:

III. Media, News, Sports Trivia, Weather

Air Safety:

Burma Shave Slogans:

Cable News Network (CNN):

Discovery Channel:


    Major League Baseball:
    Negro League Baseball Online Archives:

The Outer Limits:

Public Broadcasting Service [PBS]:

Vanity License Plates:


    The Weather Channel:
    The Weather Processor (Purdue):

World Science News:

IV. Museums

Adler Planetarium:

American Zoo and Aquarium Association:

Brookfield Zoo:

Busch Gardens:

Chicago Academy of Sciences Nature Museum:

Chicago Botanical Gardens:

Chicago Museums:

Deutsches Museum (Muenchen):

Exploratorium (San Francisco):

Field Museum of Natural History:

Garfield Park Conservatory:

Gulf of Maine Aquarium:

Lincoln Park Zoo:

Morton Arboretum:

Museum of Science and Industry:

Natural History Museum (London):

Shedd Aquarium:

Smithsonian Institution:

    Air & Space Magazine:
    National Air & Space Museum:
    Encyclopedia Smithsonian:
    Smithsonian Magazine:

V. Organizations

Census Bureau of the U. S. Government:

Chicago Area Physics Organizations:

Chicago Public Library:

Chicago Public Schools:

Environmental Protection Agency:

European Federation of Biophysics:


Illinois Consortium for Accelerator Research:

Illinois Institute of Technology:

    Biological Chemical and Physical Sciences Dept:
    Center for Accelerator and Particle Physics:
    Center for Synchrotron Radiation Research & Instrumentation (CSRRI):
    High Energy Physics:
    Science-Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement (SMILE):

Illinois State Physics Project (ISPP):

Library of Congress:

National Geographic:

National Park Service:

National Science Foundation:

Nature Conservancy:

New Scientist

Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Nobel Prizes):

Science Television Company:

Scientific American:

Sierra Club:

Sky Publishing:

Teacher's Professional Development Opportunities:

The New Teacher Society:

UNESCO World Heritage List:

World Health Organization:

VI. Professional Societies

American Association for the Advancement of Science:

American Association of Physics Teachers:
AAPT Physical Sciences Resource Center:

American Chemical Society:

American Crystallographic Association:

American Institute of Physics:

    Center for History of Physics:
    Physics Academic Software:

American Nuclear Society:

American Physical Society:

Federation of Societies of Experimental Biology:

National Academy of Sciences:

National Science Teacher's Association:

    Building a Presence for Science and Point of Contact Program:

VII. Research Laboratories

Argonne National Laboratory:


The Department of Energy; Office of Science:

European Molecular Biology Laboratory:


    Lederman Science Education Center

Goddard Space Flight Center


High Energy Physics Laboratories:

Hubble Telescope:

Jet Propulsion Laboratory:

    Main Page:
    The Earth:
    Planetary Photojournal:
    The Solar System:
    Stars and Galaxies:

Lawrence Hall of Science:

NASA sites:

    For 9-12 Educators:
    Solar Physics:
    Space Shuttle Web:
    Sun-Earth Day:
National Institute of Standards and Technology Time:

Project Galileo [JPL Jupiter Survey]:

Quest Center of NASA:

Synchrotron Laboratories:

United States Geological Survey:

United Stated Naval Observatory:

VIII. Vendors

The SMILE program neither endorses nor evaluates vendors.   The following list was compiled based on suggestions of the participants.

Book ordering Websites:

    Barnes and Noble:
    Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt:
    Law Textbooks from LexisNexis:
    World Scientific Publishing Company:

Computer Companies:

    IBM (Lenovo):
Equipment and Software:

    Educational Clip Art:
    Educational Innovations, Inc.:
    Mac Software:
    Renaissance Learning:
    School Center:
    Texas Instruments:
    Wolfram Research:

Open Source Software:

    Mozilla & FireFox (MS-IE replacements): (MS Office replacement):

Science/Math Supply Houses:

    All Electronics Corporation:
    American Science and Surplus:
    Arbor Scientific:
    Carolina Biological Supply Company:
    Edmund Scientific:
    Flinn Scientific, Inc:
    Frey Scientific:
    Global Scientific Supply:
    Indigo Instruments:
    School World:
    Science in a Bag:
    Science Kit & Boreal:
    SKS Science Products:
    Pitsco Innovative Education:
    VWR LabShop:
    Wards Scientific:

TOPS Learning Systems:

Weathershack-Weather Instruments:

IX. General Interest Sites

The Albatross Project:

Amusement Park Physics (Compliments of Nathan A. Unterman - Glenbrook North High School):

    Astronomy Cafe:
    Astronomy Images:
    Astronomy Photos:

Bicycle Physics:


Butterfly Websites:



     Enchanted Learning:
    Teaching kids about dinosaurs:


Earth Quakes:

Education Corner:

Energy Quest (California Energy Commission):

Find The Forged Coin:

Government Resources:


Light and Color (obtained from Thomas Rossing; Northern Illinois University):

    Cliff Pickover's Graphics in Art and Science:
    Catalog of Holograms:


Materials World Modules (Northwestern University):

Newton BBS:


    Sea World:

Old Trees:

Ornithology WebSite:

Periodic Tables:

    Comic book Periodic Table:
    Other Periodic tables and links to still more periodic tables:
    Periodic Table Quiz Questions:

Powers of Ten:


Rivers: Chicago River:

Science Activities and Games:

Snakes of North America:


Tree Resource Guide:

U. S. Department of Education:
    K-12 Reforms:
    Teacher Shortage Areas:


    Volcano Hazards Program:
    Volcanoes of the World:
    Volcano World:
    Volcano Facts for Kids:
    Volcano Explorer:

Web of Culture:


Wolves at Yellowstone National Park:

World Fact Book:

X. Other Interesting Sites

Ball Lightning:

Camilla Senior School Ontario Canada:

Chemical Hazard Data:

CIA's World Fact Book:

College Atlas:

Education Directory/Education Portal:

Education Programs Directory:

Encarta Lesson Collection:

Erik's Treasure Trove [Eric W. Weisstein]:


    Anatomy of the eye:
    Eye Safety:

 Feynman Information:

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ--John Baez]:

    Is Glass a Solid or a Liquid?
    Open Questions in Physics:
    The Solar Neutrino Problem:
    The Twin Paradox:
    Which Way Will My Bathtub Drain?

Geography for Kids:

The Great Buildings Collection

A Guide to Gold:

Hot Hot List (Roy Williams):

The Houghton Mifflin Link Library

How Stuff Works:

The Interactive Public Library Youth Division

Internet Pilot to Physics:

Keep America Beautiful:

LandMark Project:

Microsoft (Encarta) Lesson Collection:

Microwave Oven information:

    How Does a Microwave Oven Work?
    How Do Microwaves Work?
    Can Microwave Ovens Leak?
    Superheating in Microwave Ovens:
    How Do Microwave Ovens Work, and Are They Harmful in ANY Way?
    Why do grapes spark in a microwave oven?
    Water in a microwave oven [applet]:
    Microwave Oven Experiments:
    Unwise Microwave Oven Experiments:
    Microwave Ovens:
    How Things Work: Microwave Ovens:
    Can You Sterilize the Mail in a Microwave Oven?
    CDs and Other Things in a Microwave Oven:
    Microwave Ovens and Percy Spencer:
    Funny things to do with your microwave oven:

Patent Information:

Pro Teacher:

Renew The Earth:

Satellite Images:

    Visible and Infrared:

Satellite Tracking:

Science Fair Central at NEIU:

Student Activities (Jefferson Laboratories BEAMS Program):

Surfing the Net With Kids

Teacher Network and Resource Lists:

    Resource Lists:
    Sites for Teachers:
    Teacher Network:

The Virtual Schoolhouse

The Wonders of Physics:

Virtual Tourist World Map:

World Wide Learning:
Yahoo Physics Links:

Youth Net

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