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The SMILE program was designed to enhance the elementary and high school learning of Science and Mathematics through the use of the phenomenological approach. For a brief course description/syllabus, click here. For a brief history of the course, click here.

Between 1986 and 1997 each summer session participant was asked to create and publish a single concept lesson plan. These lesson plans include the materials needed, a suggested strategy and expected outcomes. There are currently almost 900 of these lesson plans available (see subject indices below).  In addition, starting in 1997 the participants in the academic year program have been asked to present a brief single concept lesson or idea.  Summaries of the academic year lessons are at bi-weekly notes. All of these lessons are available in the following formats:

  1. This CD-ROM from Roy Coleman
  2. Listings by subject are available by clicking any of the following:
Ben Stark
Ken Schug
Art DiVito
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Please note: The lessons may be freely copied and used in a classroom but they remain the copyright property of the author(s) and the directors of the SMILE program.

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:=) If you have a single concept lesson that you think might fit in with the SMILE concept or would like to see some lessons which have been contributed by persons other than SMILE participants jump to contributed lessons ;-> SMILE has bi-weekly classes during the academic year and we are posting the notes from those classes. If you are interested, jump to bi-weekly notes
The SMILE PLUS program
is a program designed for intensive training of a team of teachers who are from the same school. These teachers then go back to their home schools to provide inservice training for the remainder of the faculty and staff.
This section includes some general information developed by the SMILE program.
Photos of the 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000 SMILE participants in action along with a photo of the last class.
Web Addresses of internet sites for general interest in Science

IIT will occasionally offer Saturday classes for teachers and students on the World Wide Web and searching the Internet. For more information, contact Dr. Porter Johnson
After 20 years, the SMILE program ended on May 2, 2006. A brief history and highlights of the program is here along with a photo of the last class here.
(Note: This CD-ROM is still available and Guest lesson contributions will be gladly accepted.)
The entire index of all sections is also available.

Information on the High School Bridge Building Contest is available at the 'hsbridge' website.

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