Guest Contributions to SMILE Lessons

The SMILE program welcomes guest contributions from educators, parents and others interested in providing single concept lessons which use the phenomenological approach to learning. Contributed lessons will join the current library of over 900 lessons provided through the SMILE program. If you would like to submit a lesson for consideration, please read the section on format and submission.

Contributed Lessons

Lessons from Art DiVito, Harold Washington College (Retired), Chicago, Illinois
(Added 7/18/12)
Lesson from Srdjan Jankovic, Institute for Occupational Health, Belgrade, Serbia
(Added 5/21/09)
Lessons from Jeremy Schneider
(Added 9/18/08)
Lessons from Edwina Justice
(Added 7/24/07 - updated 11/4/13)
Lesson from Sulan Dun
(Added 5/26/06)
Lessons from Joel S. Steinberg
(Added 2/15/06)

Lessons from Steve Tester, Alexandria City Public Schools, Alexandria, Virginia
(Added 12/12/05)

Lessons from Doug Spicher, Eldridge Landing Middle School, Elkridge, Maryland
(Added 6/6/05)
Lessons from Barbara Jackson, Camilla Senior School in Ontario Canada
(Added 6/25/02)
Lessons from George J. Spix
(Added 4/25/2000)

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